Classes & Curriculum

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Toddler I, II, & III

Our Toddler I, II, & III Classes use the Frog Street Toddler Curriculum. It is designed to foster essential growth, meet the needs of all learners, and embrace the joy of learning each day!

Learning Domains:

  • Language Development – Toddlers will be immersed in a language-rich environment essential for developing both receptive and expressive language skills.
  • Cognitive Development – Toddlers will engage in activities that support cause-and-effect relationships and problem solving to develop foundational skills for lifelong learning.
  • Physical Development – The activity choices in this domain provide toddlers with fun physical challenges, action songs, and games that will build coordination, balance, and muscle strength. Children will develop both gross motor and fine motor skills as they squeeze, tear, roll, toss, catch, hug, hop, twist, run, and much more!
  • Social Emotional Development – Emphasis on social emotional development because learning best evolves through relationships and responsive care giving. Toddlers will build confidence, learn impulse control, and develop social skills while caregivers build trusting relationships with children through one-on-one, partner, and small-group interactions.


Three-year-olds are special! They are transitioning from parallel play to interactive play, and their language capacity is blossoming. They are becoming much more mobile, and they are learning to show genuine affection and concern for their peers. Frog Street Threes meets the specific needs of three-year-olds in key areas of development:

  • Social Bridge – interactive play, sharing, caring, and following through on commitments.
  • Literacy Development – engaging read-alouds, vocabulary development, formal introduction to the alphabet, phonological awareness, and writing and fine motor skills.
  • Foundational Math – attributes, classification, patterns, one-to-one correspondence, order, numeration, STEAM, logical reasoning, and problem solving.


The Frog Street Pre-K curriculum is a comprehensive, dual-language program designed to meet the needs of diverse learners while supporting developmental learning domains. It is organized around 9 thematic units integrating literacy, math, science, social studies, social-emotional connections, STEAM, technology, assessment, and family engagement. The curriculum pairs intentional instruction with meaningful opportunities for children to engage and interact through hands-on explorations throughout the classroom.

Every day, the children will be involved in hands on activities that cover science, language and literacy, math, art, physical development, and music. They question and explore, sing and dance, build and paint, read and write, and they PLAY and make MESSES! After all, play IS a child’s work. It’s how they make connections and understand the world around them.

ABC Jesus Loves Me:

  • Bible stories which focus on character education.
  • Memory verses. songs, and activities support each Bible story.
  • Interactive Bible Stories to involve the child in the learning.

A simple song is also provided to help the child learn the order of the New Testament Books of the Bible.


Saxon Phonics – Saxon Phonics and Spelling was developed to provide targeted foundational skill instruction using interactive, multisensory approaches to keep students engaged, excited, and advancing.

Saxon’s approach to teaching phonics and spelling concepts is based on foundational research in science of reading and cognitive science, and the program has been found to be consistently effective for children of varying ability levels and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Saxon Math – While other math curricula ask students to progress from simple to complex concepts in just a few weeks, Saxon Math scaffolds instruction of each concept and continues to review information introduced earlier. This allows students the time and practice to retain math concepts to the level of mastery.

  • Students build skills and confidence through daily opportunities to review, develop mathematical reasoning, and apply knowledge.
  • Engaging manipulatives and hands-on learning tools help students develop and demonstrate understanding.

Abeka Science – The investigation of variety, order, and reasonableness revealed in creation. The Abeka science and health program presents the universe as the direct, orderly, law-abiding creation of God and refutes the man-made idea of evolution. Students are presented with plants, animals, rocks, elements, forces, the human body-and much more-according to an understanding of the design and laws of nature.

Learning is delivered through age-appropriate content in a variety of scientific fields, including life science, chemistry, and physics. This content is supported by full-color illustrations to enhance learning, oral and written activities to reinforce learning, and hands-on demonstrations to personalize learning.

Abeka Social Studies – Abeka’s history courses present an inspiring portrayal of peoples, lands, religions, ideals, heroes, triumphs, and setbacks in light of the biblical principles that govern the natural course of history. Students benefit from this traditional, conservative approach to the study of what man has done with the time God has given to him.

Abeka Bible – The Abeka Bible program presents the Bible in the narrative style in which it is written. Students are led through the stories and truths of the Old and New Testaments, including Bible doctrine and application at an age-appropriate level.